Team Guidelines

Welcome to the Maine East High School Boys’ Basketball Program.  As a basketball player at Maine East High School, you are a member of an elite group of individuals who will have the opportunity to represent Maine East High School in IHSA competition.

All players who are members of the Maine East Blue Demons Boys Basketball program understand playing boys basketball demands tremendous commitment and dedication to the game and their team. Likewise, parents make great commitment and sacrifice for their sons to play with the team. Playing for the Maine East Blue Demons is a privilege not a right. As players and parents, we understand and agree to follow the policies:

Player Guidelines

A Maine East Basketball player is a good person, good student, and a dedicated player.

Maine East Basketball players play hard, play smart, and play together.

Maine East Basketball players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team. We win as a team and lose as a team; each and every player will treat all teammates with acceptance, respect, and friendship. 

All Maine East Basketball players will maintain positive attitudes toward each other- any player responsible for dissension, jealousy, individualism, or negative criticism, or anything that could destroy the morale of this team, will be dealt with immediately.

Maine East Basketball players will keep the language clean both on and off the court. Cussing or swearing will not be tolerated in practices or the games. The penalty during practices will be running for the whole team; during games the player will sit on the bench.   

All District 207 and IHSA procedures will be followed regarding practice and games. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Excused absences are those absences due to illness, injury, and/or family emergency. All other absences will be looked upon as unexcused. Some exceptions will be made for Sophomore and Freshman team regarding family vacations, no exceptions for varsity. These absences must be pre-arranged with the coach. Penalties for unexcused absences will be as follows: 

1st absence - sit in street clothes for next game 
2nd absence - sit in street clothes for next 3 games 
3rd absence - released from team

If you are ill and cannot attend practice/game, call and leave a message with your coach.

You cannot start a game if you are absent from practice the day before a game.
Be in school the day of games and practices (Follow Maine East attendance and tardy policies).  Players not in attendance the day of games are not allowed to play in the game.   

Maine East Basketball player never quits, no matter what the score.

Maine East Basketball puts team success ahead of personal goals and preferences.

Maine East Basketball plays with winning character.  Winning character is honesty, loyalty, respect, unselfishness, and class.

Practice Guidelines

Under no circumstances do you miss practice, with the exception of: family emergencies and illness.  Even if you are unable to practice physically, you should still be there to observe. Attendance at all practices, team meetings, and games is mandatory. While injured players may be unable to play, they are still expected to arrive on time, listen to coaches, and encourage teammates and assist the team. They will also be given extra duties to help with practice or game management. In very
rare situations, players may be excused from games and/or practices. When this occurs, players are responsible for informing the coach verbally through a phone call or a text message.  Take responsibility for your own circumstances; do not have your parents call (unless you are not able to talk for some reason).

Be dressed and on the floor for the announced starting time of practice. Anyone not on the floor at the start of practice will be considered late.
This will result in a team consequence of 3 “Line Drills” for the 1st infraction.  1 line drill is added for every infraction after that.

Team meetings begin at the time specified.  If you are late to a team meeting, consequences from guideline # 1 apply.

What happens in practice stays in practice. 

Practices are to be taken very seriously. Every practice is a chance for you to learn and develop your game.

Proper practice attitude- be coachable, listen, concentrate, discipline yourself “to do the little things.”

If a player misses a practice for an excused reason, they will still be missing important practice time and playing time for the next game could be decreased.  If you are too sick or hurt to practice, you will (in most cases) be too sick or hurt to play in the next game.  In extreme cases, there are possible exceptions.

Practice at a level that will prepare the team to be successful in game situations.  This means that everyone will be expected to practice with the same enthusiasm, intensity, and hard work that it will take to win games.

Game Guidelines

Be focused on the team, not the stands.  Any player that is not doing what the coach wants, and instead listening to people in the stands will find themselves on the bench.
Play hard all of the time.  Players must be willing to play defense, block out, take charges, and dive on the floor for loose balls.  If you’re not playing hard it means you’re tired and need to come out of the game…NEVER QUIT ON YOUR TEAM!!!
1 Mental preparation- once you get to the game, NO PHONES.
2 Pregame- be on time (if you are late you will be benched)
3 Dress Code: there will be a dress code for all teams and all players for every game to be determined by the current team captain(s)


1 Never complain about officiating, never show disrespect to another school
2 Never talk with an official or give facial or bodily dramatics when you receive what you think is a bad call.
3 When you come out of the game, do not give any facial or bodily dramatics.  Never express your displeasure.  Get your water and sit next to the coach.  Stay alert, involved, and cheer.
4 Never yell at teammates
5 Focus on the floor or bench, not in the stands
6 Never get a technical foul.  If you receive a technical foul during the game for whatever reason, you will be substituted for.
7 No finger pointing, trash talking, gestures to the fans, etc. will be tolerated
8 Bench conduct- full attention is on the game, not in the stands
9 Make eye contact with the person who is speaking to you
10 Form a huddle during timeouts, everybody will be quiet with eyes on the coach, and then after the coach is giving his instructions if you want to add something ask the coach then.
11 Stand for teammates- when somebody comes out of the game
everybody on the bench will stand, applaud, and encourage the player coming off the floor, regardless of how long they were in the game.   This is not optional. 
12 Everyone gets tired. 
13 It is understood that everyone wants in the game.  Do not notify a coach that you are ready to play (exception: injury). Playing time is
earned not expected.   
14 In the event of an altercation,
DON’T LEAVE THE BENCH!  You will be reprimanded if you leave the bench. The IHSA rule on being ejected from a contest is a one game suspension.  We follow all IHSA guidelines.

Character Guidelines

Players will conduct their personal lives in a manner that brings honor to themselves, their family and the team. This includes school performances, self-respect, healthy behaviors and social responsibility.

*Grades-  School comes before basketball.  Take pride in high classroom achievement. If any player is not passing 5 classes they are deemed ineligible by IHSA standards for a period of 1 week.  If you are noted on our weekly eligibility report as being in eligible, you will be required to attend the Maine East Coach program every day after school until you regain eligibility.  If there is 3:30 practice you will be at Coach until it closes at 4:30 and if there is 5:30 practice you will go to Coach immediately after school until 4:30 when it closes and then go home and continue to work on your schoolwork.  You will not be allowed back into practice until you regain your eligibility.

If you are noted on our weekly eligibility report as being ineligible for 3 weeks (not in a row), after the 3rd instance of ineligibility, you cannot return to the team.

Respect of the coaching staff, officials, opposing players, spectators, and each other is expected and very important. Each player must think, "team first and me second". Each player will have a role to fill and your job will be to fill that role to the best of your ability for the good of the team. 

*Players are to adhere to a zero tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol and tobacco products.   This means on and off the court, at home and at school.   Remember that you have many teammates who depend on you to be at your best at all times.  Players caught using or possessing cigarettes, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol anytime during the season as well as engaging in activities that an be viewed as bullying or hazing will be subject to the disciplinary steps outlined in the Maine East Athletic Code of Conduct.

Maine East Basketball player never embarrasses himself, his team, his school, or his coach through his actions.  Remember, as long as you are a part of the Maine East Basketball program, you always wear the name Maine East no matter where you are or what you are doing.  You are expected to act like a young man and to conduct yourself properly at all times. Stay out of detention and avoid getting referrals.

When a coach is speaking to you, or correcting you, it is very important that your head is up, and your eyes are looking at them.

Don’t give excuses for your mistakes-LEARN FROM THEM AND MOVE ON.

Be respectful to all coaches, teachers, managers, officials, players, and fans.  Address coaches as Coach and teachers as Mr. Mrs. or Ms.

Be responsible for returning equipment.  Players will be expected to pay for anything that is assigned to them but fail to check in at the end of the season.
Pay attention when a coach is talking.  Listen to the coaches even if they are not talking directly to you.  Players are expected to learn from their own mistakes and the mistakes made by teammates.

Set positive examples throughout the school year on the court, as well as, in and out of school.

APPEARANCE-   Keep your pants up and clothes appropriate when in public.   Remember you are not just representing yourself; you are representing your families, as well as, your team. Your appearance will be dealt with on an individual basis.  
Wear shorts above the hips at all times.  Make sure practice shorts have a drawstring that you can keep tight enough that your shorts do not fall down when you run the floor. 
Being part of any team is special.  I will always put the team first, ahead of my own desires because I know that if the team is successful, I am successful.  There is no “I” in team.

• Penalties for breaking team policy or school policy will be determined by the coaching staff and if necessary the school administration.  Penalties could include, but are not limited to: 1) extra conditioning, 2) decreased playing time 3) team suspension and/or 4) team expulsion.